Mizutaki and Yakitori god of beauty chicken of Ebisu

"Hakata Mizutaki and char-grilled chicken" which we were particular about health and beauty and taste and went through

Mizutaki and Yakitori god of beauty chicken of Ebisu: Privacy Policy

 NAOC which runs Hakata Mizutaki and char-grilled chicken "god of beauty chicken" information such as full name, address, phone number, e-mail address of customer We make the acquisition, the use. We observe laws and ordinances about personal information and other models about protection of these personal information that we acquired and make all possible measures for protection of important personal information of customer.

 We may acquire personal information for the purpose of sending sale recommendation, questionary survey about our service and premium. Range of the personal information acquisition limits to minimum thing to accomplish the purpose. We will act for protection of personal information by educating maintenance, employee of official regulations in the company and regime in the company to deal with personal information of customer appropriately, and our carrying out safety measures that are appropriate for unauthorized access to personal information and loss, destruction, manipulation of personal information and leak, and continuing the review, and planning.

 We may deposit in duties trust point or business partner to achieve the use purpose mentioned above about personal information of customer. In that case, protection of personal information chooses company planned enough and we make a contract of personal information protection and carry out necessary and appropriate measures. In addition, we may provide in the public institution concerned when we are accompanied when there is request of disclosure based on laws and ordinances from public institutions such as court, police engine.

 About our personal information to hold, we cope about disclosure, correction, deletion, request of suspension from the person in all sincerity.

 Also, to cope with change of laws and ordinances or other models to plan protection of personal information of customer in us, We may revise privacy policy. When there is revision, we will tell on homepage.

NAOC's president Motofumi Yamazaki